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Laguna Niguel Techs Explain How Variable Speed Pumps Save

Beachside Pool Service is the Laguna Niguel pool service that is always looking for ways to lower the cost of maintenance. A variable speed pump is one way to save. There are many reasons to switch from a dual speed pump to a variable speed pump. Variable speed pumps use less energy. That saves you money on your electric bill. Southern California Edison offers a $200 rebate on the purchase of variable speed pumps. That saves you money on the purchase price. That’s two pretty important reasons!

Hayward Variable Speed Pump

How Variable Speed Pumps Save Energy

A standard, single speed pump runs at the same speed all of the time. It doesn’t matter how fast the pump needs to run, it will always run at the fastest speed.

Different elements of your pool equipment require different amounts of water flow.  For example, your filtration system may only need the pump to run at 1200 rpm to get the proper water flow. If you have a suction pool sweep running, it needs about twice the number of RPMs or 2400.  The heater needs about the same rpms. So, as you can see the motor needs to run higher for certain tasks. When those tasks aren’t being performed, it can run at a lower setting.

Now here’s the kicker. The amount of energy used to run the pump isn’t linear. In other words, cutting the RPMs in half doesn’t cut the energy usage in half, it reduces it by more like 7/8. That’s right! It only takes 1/8 of the energy to run the pump at half power. That’s how a variable speed pump saves so much on energy.

You can run the pump at the high speed for 2 hours or so while the pool sweep runs, then reduce to the lower setting for the filtration system. If you have a spa, they require mega RPMs (3400+), so you only run at the highest speed when you need the spa.

How Variable Speed Pumps Save Money

So all that energy saving results in reduced operating costs. That’s money right back in your pocket. But a variable speed pump can save money at purchase.

That’s because almost every energy company offers a rebate on the purchase of a variable speed pump. For example, right now you can get $200 back on many of the brands of variable speed pool pumps. The list includes all the major brands like Hayward and Pentair. You can even apply on-line. No need to hassle with mail in forms. Click for a complete list of variable speed pool pumps eligible for rebate.

The Laguna Niguel Pool Service that Saves You Money

Beachside Pool Service is the Laguna Niguel pool service that saves you money. Beachside sells and services variable speed pumps, heat exchangers, LED lights and other energy-saving options for your pool.

In addition, Beachside Pool Service can clean your pool on a weekly, bi-weekly or as needed basis.

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