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Newport Coast Pool Service is Solving the Saltwater pH Problems

Saltwater pools are gaining popularity. They forever end the chore of lugging liquid chlorine and adding it to the pool. For the homeowner that maintains their own pool, that also means no more transporting hazardous chemicals in the trunk of the car or the back of the SUV. A chlorine-generating cell converts salt to chlorine to keep the water sanitized. But if pH isn’t stabilized, the amount of sanitizer available may not be sufficient. Good thing that one Newport Coast pool service is solving the problem of pH in saltwater pools.

water chemistry and salt water pools

pH, Alkalinity and Salt Water Pools

When a saltwater pool is started up or converted, one of the first things you may notice is swings in pH and alkalinity.  And we all know that pH can have a big impact on the ability of chlorine to do its job; whether it is generated from salt or added in liquid form. At a pH of 7.2, chlorine is 65% effective; at a pH of 7.8, it is 32% effective; and at 8.0, it is only 20% effective. Obviously, chlorine effectiveness decreases dramatically as the pH in water increases.

Heavy rainstorms can cause wild swings in the alkalinity of your saltwater pool. So, if your area receives heavy rain after your pool is converted or started up, muratic acid dosing will be critical. Otherwise the water will become cloudy and scale will deposit on the sides of the pool. That’s not caused by the saltwater, it is caused by the high alkalinity.

Jared Benson owner of a Newport Beach pool service explains saltwater pool start ups

Start-Up Newport Coast Pool Service

Beachside Pool Service, Newport Coast’s premium pool service has solved the saltwater problem.

Once the saltwater system is installed, it is carefully monitored by a pool expert. Whether it is a new saltwater pool start up or a conversion, Beachside Pool Service will monitor the water, adjust the pH and alkalinity, test the salt levels, adjust the cyanuric acid levels, adjust hardness,  and ensure the salt cell generator is working properly.

Homeowners don’t have to worry about getting it right in those first crucial days. Mistakes in water chemistry in the first 7 to 10 days can take their toll on new equipment. Monitoring by a Newport Coast pool service stops mistakes in water chemistry before they start.

Start-up service isn’t limited to saltwater pools. Conventional pools benefit from the careful eye of a professional in those first crucial weeks.

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