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One Time Pool Maintenance For Newport Beach Parties Makes The Water Blue

Pool Cleaners 101 from Newport Beach Pool Service

Thinking about an automatic pool cleaner? If so, Beachside Pool Service, your local Newport Beach pool service, wants you to be well-informed. Here’s what you need to know about automatic pool cleaners.

Types of Pool Cleaners

Pool sweeps or pool cleaners vacuum the walls and bottom of the pool without human assistance. They keep debris out of the pool between cleanings. This may help your pool chemistry stay in balance longer. Automatic pool cleaners fall into 3 major categories. The manner of operation is the major differentiation.

Suction Side Cleaners. These pool cleaners attach to the pool pump. They use the suction from the pump to draw water and debris into the cleaner. The strainer basket in your pump and the pool filter capture the debris. This is the least expensive type of automatic cleaner and was the first style of cleaner on the market.

Pressure Side Cleaners. Where suction side cleaners attach to suction ports, pressure side cleaners attach to supply ports. The pressure created by the pump after water passes through the filter propels the cleaner around the pool. This type of cleaner has its own filter bag to collect debris. This type of cleaner was invented to solve the problem created when suction side cleaners clog the strainer basket in the pump. However, these cleaners need to have their filter bag emptied regularly, otherwise they do not clean.

Robotic Cleaners. This style cleaner is state of the art. It has its own power supply and filter. That means it doesn’t rely on pressure from the pump to operate. Program the cleaner to operate when and how you want.

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Minimize Maintenance

You minimize pool maintenance when you use an automatic pool cleaner. You do not eliminate it. No pool sweep removes all debris. It can’t brush the walls or tile. The pool cleaner won’t check water chemistry. Skimming is reduced but not eliminated. Even with an automatic pool cleaner, you still need to maintain your pool.

 Newport Beach Pool Service Owner, Jared Benson

Newport Beach Pool Service

If you have an automatic pool cleaner, you may want a different type of Newport Beach pool service. You may want a chemical only service. Chemical service only checks and adjusts the chemistry of the water and corrects it as necessary. Or, opt for a bi-weekly service for complete service every two weeks. No matter the type of Newport Beach pool service you need, Beachside Pool Service has you covered. Call (949) 939-0023 for a free estimate on cleaning or ask about pool sweep installation.

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